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The Music Business - Certificate

This one year course is ideal for those interested in the music business. Whether you are a musician or a budding manager, this one year course will prove invaluable in helping you carve out a new career path in the music business.

We cover all aspects of the music business in detail as outlined in the modules below. 


Qualification obtained: Academy of Sound Certificate, (UK L4 pending, equivalent Irish Level 6)





Module 401 How To Succeed In The Music Business 2018


Module 402 Music Copyright & Publishing 


Module 403 Legal Representatives - Music Business Contracts


Module 404 Music Licensing & Royalties 


Module 405 Record Company - A&R Roles and Skills


Module 406 Artist Management & Session Production


Module 407 Mixing & Mastering Practicalities for Vinyl & Digital Release


Module 408 Digital Marketing - Streaming & Downloads


Module 409 Tour Management - Roles & Finance Explained


Module 410 Independent Release Via The Orchard - Sony Music 



Payment Method:


 Registration fee: €650

€180 per month for 10 months via direct debit: €1,800

Portfolio assessment & certification fee: €350

Total cost: €2,800

You can pay in full in advance


- No more than three students per class

- One x 2 hour class per week, day or evening

- Duration: one academic year part-time, day or evening


Terms and conditions apply

Certificate Course Registration Fee

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