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Payment Method

Registration fee due in advance: €375

Balance of fees due before session 6: €375

Total Cost: €750


Fees are deductible from the Foundation Diploma Course

Terms and conditions apply

-  Course Content:



-  Pro Tools DAW

-  ADR - Foley - Ambience - VO

-  Microphone Techniques
-  Equalization Techniques

-  Compression & Dynamics
-  Sound Effects for Film

-  Film Sound Design 

-  Digital Editing & Mixing

-  Music for Film

-  Mastering
-  Portfolio & CV



- Three students per class
- Hands-on training on state of the art software & hardware
- Duration: 10 weeks

- 1 x 2 hour class per week, day or evening

- Monday to Friday

This course is ideal for beginners seeking hands-on experience in Audio Post Production.

There are many skills involved including Protools, ADR, VO Recording, Digital Editing and Music for Film.

Students work in small groups using the best software and hardware available in the Music Industry.


Qualification obtained: Academy of Sound Introductory Certificate




Film Sound & Audio Post Production




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