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This course is ideal for beginners seeking hands-on experience in effects editing, motion graphics and TV/Film post production. 


Qualification obtained: Academy of Sound Introductory Certificate

8 week Introductory Course Film Editing & Film Sound,

Final Cut, Adobe After Effects, Animation and Stop Motion

- This course includes:


-  Create your own Foley Sounds

-  Basic recording in ProTools

-  Basic editing in Final Cut 7

-  Sound Design for Animation

-  Dialogue Replacement (ADR) and Sync Sound to Picture

-  Introduction to Adobe After Effects techniques including 3D Layers, Camera and Effects 

-  Create a Showreel 

-  Shoot and create your own Stop Motion Animation with After Effects

-  Create Motion Graphics

-  Introduction to Green Screen techniques


-  Duration: 8 weeks, 1 class per week

-  3 Students per class

 Cost: €595


Payment Method

Registration fee due in advance: €250.00

Two monthly course fee paymwnts due on the 1st of each month: €172.50


Total Cost: €595


Fees are deductable from the Certificate Course

Terms and conditions apply

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