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Mastering is the final stage in the music production process. It involves advanced compression, equalisation, limiting, monitoring and AD/DA conversion techniques.

The listening skills of a professional mastering engineer are crucial to the production. 


Our clients include the Cranberries, Lisa Stansfield, the National Film Orchestra, Arista Records, Soda Blonde, Irish Film Companies and more.


We master at Academy of Sound Studio2 using the very best mastering equipment available in the music industry: Antelope, Manley, Neumann, Neve, Ozone 7, SSL and more. This equipment is used to process and convert your mix into a professional final master. We edit, polish and compile the tracks in the requested production running order.


Our mastering grade Antelope Pure2 convertors ensure your music is mastered and converted at the highest professional audio quality and sounds equally good in every format.


Clients have the option to attend Studio2 Mastering in person or online.



  • Each job is unique. Contact us for a quote. 


  • We require 50% advance payment.


  • We issue you with a Studio2 mastering password.


  • Follow the instructions on our portal and upload your music files.


  • We email a link to the finished master for your approval.


  • The mixed wav file is ready for download on receipt of payment.


  • Release your mastered music with confidence.

VAT at 23% applies to the cost of all professional services carried out at Academy of Sound Studio2. IE3604878Q


Mastering services include:


- Interaction with the mastering engineer

- Average turnaround of 10 days

- Mastered WAV file ready for download on approval 

- One set of revisions allowed on request



Audio Restoration


We offer an audio restoration service. We can restore audio from 1/4 inch analog tape and most other formats including all digital files.

We have provided audio restoration services for individual artists and also to the Irish Arts Council, ITMA.



Contact us for further details.

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