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The Green Room

Simon Phillips drum lesson/ recording tips

Simon Phillips, studio tips and tricks

Interview with Mix Engineer Mick Guzauski - Sweetwater Minute Vol. 211

Jacquire King/ Producing James Bay


Guitar recording - tips from the pro

Sennheiser's Top 5 Guitar Recording Tips and Techniques

DIY: How to Mic Your Acoustic Like a Pro

DIY: How to Mic Your Amp for Stellar Tone

Acoustic Guitar Recording - Mixing Techniques

How to Mic an Acoustic Guitar Recording and Choose Your Preamp

Choosing an Acoustic Guitar - Top Woods and Body Styles - Collings Acoustic Guitars

How to Buy the Best Guitar!

U2 Where the streets have no name (delay shoot out)

The Edge The Story of the Guitar

The Secret World of Foley (Short Movie)

Transformers 4 - Sound Design

The Beautiful Lies of Sound Design | Tasos Fratzolas | TEDxAthens

The Sound Of Transformers 3

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